1 July Summary: Constant shelling of Donetsk region, exchange of prisoners

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Situation summary of war in Ukraine by region for Friday, July 1, 2022.

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By Pavlo Vitenko

Summary by regions

Luhansk Region

In the Luhansk region, the Russians are trying to surround the Ukrainian military, attacking Lysychansk from the south and west. The Russians also failed to capture the road connecting Bakhmut. The shelling of the city is very dense. Many occupations of housing stock and infrastructure facilities.

The occupiers stormed the Topolivka area and the northern part of Vovchoyarivka and Maloryazantsevo, they were partially successful, they held the section of the Topolivka-Lysychansk road under fire control. At the same time, the Ukrainian military stopped the enemy’s advance in the direction of Loskutivka – Lysichan gelatin plant and forced them to retreat.

Donetsk Region

Avdiivka (residential sector, AKHZ plant, gas station, residential sector, railway station), Sloviansk (meat processing plant), Krasnohorivka (residential sector, garage cooperative), Bakhmut (railway warehouse), Chasiv were under fire in Donetsk region during the day. Yar, Soledar, the villages of Pervomaiske, Novomykolaivka and Berestov.

40 objects were damaged, including 9 private residential buildings, 4 high-rise buildings, industrial objects and objects of critical infrastructure. 4 civilians were killed and 18 were injured.

On the morning of July 1, there was intense shelling of Zalizne and Pivdenne. There was destruction. Detailed information is being clarified.

Sumy Region 

During the day, the enemy shelled the border communities with mortars, self-propelled guns and rocket artillery. There are no previous losses and destructions.

Kharkiv Region

In Kharkiv, the occupiers launched rocket attacks again at night: they hit one of the enterprises, the fire was extinguished. Previously, there were no casualties. The occupiers fired artillery across the region – they hit the Chuhuiv, Izyum, Bohodukhiv and Kharkiv districts. Private houses and commercial buildings were damaged, shells also hit open areas.

In total, 7 people were injured in the region during the day, and 4 people were killed in the Izyum and Chuhuiv districts.

Dnipropetrovsk Region

The enemy shelled the Nikopol district. No casualties so far. Rescuers and police are on the scene. Detailed information is being clarified.

Mykolayiv Region

Mykolaiv was also hit by rocket fire on the morning of July 1. Information about the victims and the consequences is being clarified.

In the region, the occupiers shelled a number of communities: there was destruction of infrastructure, but no casualties have been reported yet.

Kherson Region

As a result of hostilities in Kherson region, more and more villages of Beryslavs and Kakhovka districts, as well as neighboring settlements in Mykolayiv region, are on the verge of destruction. In many villages, every second house was damaged, and in some settlements people left completely.

Odesa Region

In the Bilhorod-Dnister district of Odesa, the occupiers hit an apartment building and two recreation centers with 3 X-22 missiles. As of this morning, 18 dead have been identified, including 2 children, 31 people have been hospitalized, including 4 children and a pregnant woman. Another 8 sought medical help.

UKRAINE: «Europe is on your side»: the EU flag was installed in the Verkhovna Rada

In Ukraine, as of July 1, 1,027 settlements were liberated from the Russian occupiers.

45% of the Donetsk region is under the control of Ukraine, but the occupiers are constantly shelling these territories.

The threat of Belarus invading Ukraine: seven battalions are stationed at the border

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Har Støre arrived in Kyiv

WORLD: «Ukraine must immediately receive guarantees for self-defense»: former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was shocked by the atrocities of the Rashists in Irpen

The EU abolished customs duties and VAT on the import of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians

«If they want to preserve their independence»: Lukashenko called on the post-Soviet countries to «unite»

The Czech Republic begins to preside over the Council of Europe

Germany is outraged by Lithuania’s actions regarding the blockade of Kaliningrad and fears war with the Russian Federation – Spiegel

«The men returned without arms, legs, blinded. The girl was beaten with a stick», – the wife of the captured defender of «Azovstal»

Russia grossly violates the Geneva Convention on the detention of prisoners, which is confirmed.

The largest exchange of prisoners of war took place, including 95 people – defenders of «Azovstal». Ukrainians who have returned home are in an extremely difficult situation.

Natalia Zarytska, the wife of the defender of «Azovstal», who is still in captivity, commented on the situation.

«144 people were exchanged, 95 of them – defenders of Azovstal. They have serious injuries: amputations of hands, loss of vision, shrapnel wounds to both feet, gunshot wound to the chest, severe burns... The boys are exhausted, but happy,» Natalia said

She expressed her gratitude to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, all those who participated in this exchange, and also noted that the Russian Federation confirms the status of prisoners only through the international organization «Red Cross».

«It was confirmed to me that my husband is a prisoner of war. He is in Olenivka in the so-called «DPR». Four days after the evacuation from «Azovstal», I received a call from a representative of the «Red Cross» from Geneva and informed them that they had recorded my husband’s exit from the factory «I didn’t have such a confirmation before. Now I’m waiting for the exchange,» she said.

Natalia Zarytska also added that Russia grossly violates the Geneva Convention, which is confirmed.

«We are not able to contact them, send parcels, there is no information about their movements. The fighters return in a difficult condition. There was a girl who was beaten with sticks. It happens that people are kept for a long time blindfolded or with bags on their heads and it is forbidden to talk,» said the soldier’s wife.

By Pavlo Vitenko, Ukrainian Freedom News

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