«A little Provence» near Lviv. A couple created a park of flowering plants close to the city

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Here might be the biggest lavender field on the outskirts of Lviv.

In the village of Strilky near Lviv, on Halytska street, 169, a couple created a park of flowering plants «Kazkovi polia» («Fairytale Fields»). Yulia Voloshynska, the wife of the project initiator, told this to Тvoemisto.tv.

Here on the three hectares of fields, the hosts planted hydrangeas, spirea, hibiscus, Weigela, as well as lavender field, which is the largest in the area near Lviv. A total of 26 thousand seedlings were planted in the park.

The idea to create such a park came to the mind of Yulia’s husband Nazar Zinko three years ago. The man owns a garden center, so together with the whole team and the partner of a «Plant Club», he made this dream come true.

Nazar often traveled, in particular to Holland where he saw the prototypes of such decorative fields. At the same time, Yulia says that she was impressed by the fields in Provence, so they decided to create a little Provence near Lviv.

«Near our park, there is a garden center, where a man grows and sells plants. Three years ago, he started planting a field here. We traveled on our own to various parks and fields, including tulip fields. The man often visits Holland. I’ve also been to Provence, and I always thought that lavender does not grow in our country, but there are varieties that grow well here, so there will be no need to go to Provence when such beauty is nearby, « said Yulia Voloshynska.

You can visit «Fairytale Fields» starting from June 19. Now Weigela is actively blooming, and soon, in fact, lavender will bloom as well. For visitors, the excursions will be organised to the garden center. There is also a cafe, shop and playground on the territory.

The park will be open daily from 10:00 to 19:00. The entrance fee for adults will be 50 hryvnias, for children (up to a meter of height) free of charge, for children of higher height – 30 hryvnias.

When asked how valuable such a project is, Yulia said that it is absolutely altruistic.

«It’s an altruistic project. It will not pay off in the coming years, but we hope that it will become popular. We believe that this should be done and there will be a real fairy-tale glade, «Yulia Voloshynska said.

The park can be reached in half an hour by the Lviv Ring Tower.

Khrystyna Hogol

Translated by Vitalii Holich

Photo by Julia Pistachio

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