Craft cheese factories of the Lviv region, where goat cheese is made

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Т has discovered some farms near Lviv where you can buy goat cheese and go on a tour.

Today, more and more farmers are emerging in Ukraine to produce cheese exclusively from goat’s milk. Particularly in the Lviv region, there are several of these cheese manufacturers. Like other cheeses, the goat variety can be of three types: hard, semi-soft, and soft. 

«Mukko» Farm

«Mukko» dairy farm started its work in May 2015, and in the same month of 2017 a modern dairy plant began operating. The farm is located near Morshyn and Truskavets, in the village of Uhersko. 

Here goat and cow cheese can be bought. The farm is inhabited by Alpine goats and Holstein cows. The cheese is made thanks to non-contact milking and professional maturing technology.

The farm impresses with a wide range of goat cheeses: with lavender (595 UAH per 1 kg), with truffles (715 UAH per 1 kg), pesto and sun-dried tomatoes (125 UAH per 210 g), goat «Gouda» (100 UAH for 200 d), cheese with cumin (95 UAH for 150 g) and others. The range also includes cow’s cheeses, such as cream cheese with cranberries (UAH 60 per 210 g), coffee (UAH 120 per 210 g), etc. 

Mukko also invites you for an excursion worth UAH 150 for an adult and UAH 100 for a child.

You can find out more about prices and information regarding the farm on the website. You can write or call them for details: +38 068 605 85 51 / E-mail: [email protected]


Family cheese factory Kozulya («Roe Deer»)

Roe Deer is a family-type cheese factory. It is located in the village of Korosno, Lviv region.

A husband and his wife opened a cheese factory in 2014, after being trained at the French company Mons. Now, the farm produces various cheeses, including the following goat ones: «Bikoz» – hard cheese aged 15 months (798 UAH per 1 kg), «Malva» – cheese that ripens in flowers (756 UAH per 1 kg), young cheese «Pastur» (99 UAH per 200 g), «Cabri» – brie from goat’s milk (535 UAH per 1 kg) and «Chardder» annual aging (715 UAH per 1 kg).

The range of cheeses is not limited to goat’s milk cheeses, as there is also «Svirzh» from cow’s milk (689 UAH per 1 kg), «Cheese for whiskey», from cow’s milk as well (545 UAH per 1 kg) and others.

You can read more about prices and information about the farm on the website

You can call or write them: 067 509 3620 / [email protected]

«Nashi kizonky» (Our little goats)

«Nashi Kizonky» cheese factory is located near Bryukhovychi, in the village of Mali Hrybovychi. The hostess makes aged and soft cheeses from the milk of her own goats. The woman became interested in making cheese after visiting Poland. She says it will be possible to visit their small enterprise in 2 months, as now they are being re-equipped. Products can only be purchased at the cheese factory location only. The price of goat cheese per 100 g is 60 UAH.

You can read more about the cheese factory here.

«Chevrette» goat farm

This is a family craft cheese factory, located 50 km from Lviv, in the village of Dmytrovychi. The farm was founded by Belgian Bernard Ville and his wife in 2009. There are more than 1,000 goats on the farm.

The range of goods includes such types of cheese as «Dmitrovien», «Bush», «Krotten», «Sigalon», dessert cheese, goat feta, goat tom, «Tomet», «Riet» and others. All products are of natural origin and are based on the principles of «Bio», so the taste of cheese may vary slightly depending on the season and type of feed. The owners of the farm also invite you to a tour by appointment for 220 UAH per person.

You can read more about the cheese factory here.

Location here

Goat farm of «Two Catherines» (Dvokh Kateryn)

Goat farm is located in the village of Tukhlya, Lviv region, accessible by train and a 40 minute country-walk. It is open to all visitors for excursions, picnics, and cheese tasting. The owners also offer the visitors to get acquainted with the animals and invite them to master classes on making cheese for groups of up to four people. In addition, tourists are offered lunches on the farm.

The cheese factory produces mountain cheese (60 UAH per 100 g), with basil (70 UAH per 100 g), aged goat cheese (90 UAH per 100 g), spicy goat cheese with mold (70 UAH per 100 g), goat fantasy (100 UAH per 100g) and others.

You can learn more about the cheese factory, assortment and prices here.

Location here. 

«Plai» Eco-Farm

The «Plai» farm is located in the village of Klymets, Skole district of Lviv region. The complex was built in 2020 using modern technologies. Farm workers closely monitor the cleanliness, so the products do not have the pungent odors of animals.

The cheese factory produces goat cheese with walnuts and hazelnuts, with Carpathian herbs, and with paprika and truffles (41 UAH per 100 g). The range also includes cheeses such as burrata, mozzarella, ricotta cheese balls, and more.

You can learn more about the farm and the range here.

Location here. 

Sofia Shavranska

Translated by Vitalii Holich

Photo from the farm webpages

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