The latest quarantine rules as of 8 November. Updated

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Restrictions do not apply to institutions or events where 100% of organisers, employees, and visitors are vaccinated or have proof of a negative PCR or express trest.
Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Lviv and the Lviv region remain in a red quarantine zone. The rules have changed in the past week (unless you are in a profession that as of 8 November requires vaccination; also: ski resorts will require proof of vaccination even in the January holidays: click here for that story). 

In particular, the work of public catering establishments (restaurants, cafes), shopping malls, non-food markets and shops, holding mass events, etc. is prohibited. But, the restrictions will not apply if 100% of organisers, employees, and visitors to these institutions (events) are vaccinated. Around the city you will see most places are open. 

With the introduction of the «red» level of quarantine, the following are the rules:

  • Public transport can function with 50% seats occupied by passengers, and if the drivers have a «green» Covid-certificate, confirming full vaccination, or a negative PCR-test. If the situation will worsen, «green» certificates will also be obligatory for passengers, as it’s already been introduced in Kyiv;
  • To travel between regions, passengers must have a negative PCR or express test or coronavirus vaccination certificate;
  • work of public catering establishments, except for delivery and take-out orders. Restaurants, bars and cafes cannot accept visitors inside after 11 pm, even if they are vaccinated; 
  • work of shopping malls and other entertainment establishments, cinemas, theaters, beauty salons, barber shops etc. Museums and galleries can work if their staff and visitors are fully vaccinated, tested or have a proof of enduring the disease.
  • offline work of the educational institutions, including primary schools, but the kindergartens will continue functioning as usual. On Wednesday 10 November the City Council will decide on offline work of primary schools where the staff is 100% vaccinated.
  • operation of non-food markets and shops, gyms, swimming pools and fitness centers;
  • holding mass events, except for official sports events and matches of team games without spectators;
  • work of cultural institutions, except for historical and cultural reserves, film and video shooting.
  • masks are obligatory in medical and educational institutions; also, in the underpasses, on public transport stops and other public places, in case if the social distance of 1 meter cannot be maintained

Except: Banks, gas stations, veterinary shops, pharmacies, and all grocery stores are allowed to operate in the «red» zone. In the red level of epidemic danger, educational institutions can work if 100% of employees have a «green» vaccination certificate.

Vitalii Holich

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