Goats, pottery, and fishing. A weekend trip to Slavske

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You can come to Slavske not only to climb mountains, but also to ride horses, milk goats, and go fishing. Tvoemisto.tv offers to look at the tourist attractions of Slavske from a different perspective.

It’s likely that the name Slavske comes from a nickname slavni («glorious»), which the locals received for participating in the campaigns of Sviatoslav Volodymyrovych, a prince of Kievan Rus’. It takes more than two hours to get here from Lviv, but the road is nice, and the scenery fuels the desire to climb to the top as soon as possible.

In Slavske, there are several marked hiking trails, some of which can be walked even with children, and they are also suitable for the elderly. The easiest route from Slavske leads to Tatarivka Mountain, while the most difficult is a 25 km ascent to the Vysokyi Verkh («High top») Mountain.

You can choose a route of medium difficulty on Mount Pogar, at the top of which you can find a comfortable gazebo overlooking the mountains. Pohar can be reached in an hour; it might be faster by car, but the road is a bit extreme, so it’s better to pass it by off-road vehicle. The keys to the barrier, standing at the entrance, can be requested from the village council. For cycling enthusiasts, special routes are marked as well. In the gazebo at the top, you can organize a tea party or picnic and contemplate the scenery.

Hand-made souvenirs

In Slavske, you can not only admire the mountains, but also create your own souvenirs in the potter’s workshop. Here, except for the usual tourist trifles, you will be offered to sculpt a clay figurine or even make your own vase. Some types of sculpting, like those where the molds are used, are quite popular with children, says craftswoman Maria Malozhenska, who moved to Lviv region from the Crimea and already became a local here.

If, however, pottery and sculpting only attract your children, you can relax in a comfortable hammock next to the workshop or walk around and enjoy nature, while the master-class takes place. There are also small houses that can be rented for the night. Prices depend on the season and type of cottage, but now they range from 500 to 2000 UAH.

The territory has a place for lunch too. Traditional dishes, such as bograch stew, are served here. Numerous restaurants can also be found in the centre of Slavske.

Here you also have a chance to ride a horse. This experience will remain in your memory for long, since you will be taken for a ride through the village, which you must reach going down the hill covered with stones.

How do goats open the door

After the extreme ride on horseback, you can go tasting natural cheese from goat’s milk. Ten minutes drive from Slavske, there is a small village of Tukhlya. Here a goat farm «Two Catherines» is located. On the farm itself, you might not only pet the kids of the animals, but also try the cheese made from goat’s milk without any chemical impurities. There is also an unusual attraction on the farm – you can milk a goat: you will be introduced to the animal and instructed about the process.

Here you can also ride a horse, but this time in the manège.

The business was opened by two Catherines – one is a migrant from the Luhansk region, the other woman is from Skole in the Lviv region. The husband of one of these women conducts a tour and tells legends about Carpathians, funny stories with animals and the history of the farm:

«Goats also have sympathies and antipathies: someone they perceive better, someone worse. There were even goats who, when milked by hand, put their heads on Catherine’s breast and were milked. In addition, they communicate with each other and learn from one another. If a goat has learned to open the door, it will do it for everyone.»

Excursion, horseback riding, and contact with animals cost 50 UAH, a portion of tasting cheese – 100 UAH. The farm can be entered from 11:00 to 20:00 every day.

Catch your own dinner

After meeting the goats, it’s time to go and catch your dinner. In Slavske, several recreation complexes offer fishing, after which they will prepare your catch.

Another specificity of Slavske is that there are many different pools and spas for every taste: open and covered, with or without heating. For those who want solitude, the village complexes offer separate guest houses. If the soul still asks for an extreme, you can climb a rope among the Carpathian trees.

Vacations in Slavske are convenient because everything is thought out here: if you plan to go with children, you will be gladly hosted and have your leisure organized, and for activities in the company of friends there are peaks, horseback riding, fishing, and swimming pools. Lviv region is interesting and unexplored, and it is waiting for each of you.

Tvoemisto.tv started the travel show «Your city. Your country» about picturesque and sacred places of the Lviv region. We are rediscovering our region together with the project partner, the OKKO filling stations network.

Kateryna Bortnyak, according to the travel blog «Your city. Your country»

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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