25 June: Jazz Fest and Late-Night Jams Schedule

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Lviv is a city of music. Just take a walk and you’ll hear great music in the streets. But there’s also the grand Opera House, the Philharmonia, many theatres, festivals, and clubs. Here we present to you what’s playing every day.

The Leopolis Jazz Fest is ongoing through Monday – with events all around town and late-night, all night music sessions. Here’s what’s on tonight.

Compiled by Joe Lindsley

Leopolis Jazz Street Music – Pstruh, Khlib Ta Vyno Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 49

Trout, Bread, and Wine – free access

12:00 Envoys Group

13:00 Wszystko

14:00 Golden Brass

15:00 Медные Перцы

16:00 Electric Avenue

Leopolis Jazz Street Music – Dominican Cathedral Square – free access

12:00 Alex & Elina

13:00 Chubareenee

14:00 Mike Kaufman-Portnikov

15:00 Lubko Stasiv & Shahid

16:00 Blueberry Jam

Leopolis Jazz Fest Main Grounds

Stage dedicated to Eddie Rosner 

Ticketed seating – sold out

Fan Zones with lounges, bars, etc., and stage views – tickets from

Picnic areas – with large LED screens to view show and with concessions

19:00 Katherine Windfield

21:00 Seal


Stage on Rynok Square – free access

15:00 Cenk Erdoğan Trio

17:00 Marc Perrenoud Trio


Stage in Potocki Palace Yard – free access

12:00 Misha Mendelenko Organ Quartet

14:00 Sketchbook Quartet


After Fest Jams

LV Cafe

Hyndyn and Fellows

23:00-3:00 (am)

Friends, we invite you!

For a unique series of jazz jam sessions with top musicians in a special club LV Cafe.

This evening we have the best:

Igor Gnidin – drums

Yaroslav Kazmirchuk – trumpet

Andriy Dulish – Saxon tenor

Anastasia Litvinyuk – keyboards

Andriy Kokhan – bass

The right music for your own

Start at 23:00

☝ Entrance – 200 UAH.

☎️ TICKETS – only at the entrance.

❗️ Info – 0962482424

❗️ Quarantine norms and restrictions apply

More info at Facebook event page

About venue: LV Café offers jazz most nights of the week--except, usually, Monday. They offer cocktails, wine, spirits, beer, and a full menu of various type of deruny, burgers, steaks, salads, soups, milkshakes, and more. Since August 2020, the LV Café has been hosting Wednesday jam sessions. You can read more about the club here from Lviv Now: «The music of free people in Lviv.«

Location (Google maps).

Pravda Beer Theatre


Leonid Petkun & friends

Usually a brass band plays here every evening but late-nights during jazz fest you can enjoy some jazz jams and a great variety of beer. 


Mad Lviv


After quality jazz, you need to continue the evening brightly. This evening, the capital’s guest Jurgen Shustov will create musical magic. There will be disco, funk, house and only vinyl on stage BUZZ BAR (5th floor). 




Andriy Dulysh Quartet

The storied art and music venue at the end of Virmenska Street is hosting nightly late-night jams in their upstairs hall («Apartment 35»). You can also check out a special art exhibit on the first floor. 



Lviv National Opera

La Bayadere (Ballet)

By L. Minkus


75-500 uah

La Bayadere is one of the most enigmatic and monumental plays of Ludwig Minkus and Marius Petipa. The plot of the ballet seems to be a fascinating oriental fairy tale about love, loyalty and insidiousness. 

The action takes place in Ancient India. The love of bayadere Nikiya and warrior Solor causes the rage of High Brahmin, who also loves Nikiya, and his daughter Gamzatti, the bride of Solor. 

Nikiya dies from the bite of a venomous snake, which was in a basket of flowers that she was presented during a religious holiday. And now Solor meets the ghost of bayadere in his dreams only. However Solor and Gamzatti were not fated to get married. 

The gods take revenge for Nikiya’s murder by destroying the temple and all of its occupants during the earthquake. In an apotheosis, the shades of both Nikiya and Solor are reunited in death and eternal love.

Learn more and buy tickets here.

About venue: The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, built in the late 19th century upon the submerged Poltva River, is located at the end of Freedom (Svoboda) Avenue.

Location (Google maps).

Latin Cathedral 


In homage to St. John Paul II on the 20th anniversary of his pilgrimage to Ukraine

Concert on the occasion of the St. John Paul II

A verbal and musical program consisting of pieces related to the figure of St. John Paul II, his poetry, favorite musical pieces, complemented by baroque, classical and contemporary music, incl. S. Moniuszko, I.J.Paderewski, M. Górecki.



Macej Komandera, tenor, soloist of the Silesian Opera in Bytom

Marianna Humetska, piano

Olena Matseliuch, organ

The string quartet «Phoenix» of the Lviv National Philharmonic M. Skoryk

Symphony Orchestra of the Lviv National Philharmonic M. Skoryk

Chamber choir «Gloria»

Mariana Ferendowycz, choirmaster

Wolodymyr Sywokhip, manager and conductor

Zbigniew Chrzanowski and Zofia Iwanowa, host

Program Tracks:

P. Vasks. Pater Noster for choir and organ

W.A. Mozart. Ave Verum for voice, choir and strings

S. Moniuszko. Ecce Lignum Crucis for voice, choir and organ

М. Dyletsky. Song of the Cherubim for a capella choir

I.J. Paderewski:

3 Songs for words by A. Mickiewicz, Op. 18 for voice and piano (Tears Shed, Song of Dudarza, Over the Great Water)

2 Dances from «Tatrzański Album» op.12 for piano and string quartet

М. Górecki. Totus Tuus for a capella choir

J. Maksymiuk (study). The song «Barka» for voice, choir and strings.

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