Lviv exhibits the items that became amulets for Ukrainians fleeing the war

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The exhibition «amulets» is open till June 30.
photo by Ivan Stanislavskyi/ Tvoe Misto

photo by Ivan Stanislavskyi/ Tvoe Misto

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HotArtHall Gallery in Lviv’s Khotkevych Palace is hosting a poster exhibition «Charms», which collects stories of people and their belongings that have become modern Ukrainian talismans during the Russian-Ukrainian war. The exhibition «Charms» was presented within the project «Ukraine after 24.02».

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According to the exhibition’s curator, Yevseviya Zyakina, who moved here from Kharkiv fleeing the war, people leave their homes and take with them items that fill them with strength. These items are called «oberehy» (amulets). Today, people need to find strength, and such things from home can be what provide it. After February 24, 2022, many familiar things, covered with mundane, became the bearer of great spiritual power, things-symbols of the abandoned house – talismans. These can be grandmother’s earrings, a blanket on which your favourite cat slept, and a teddy bear, perfume or edelweiss flower.

According to Tetiana Prodan, Deputy Director of the Khotkevych Palace, the exhibition is designed to highlight the reflections of artists, their observations and personal experiences – how their space and sense of home are changing.

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«We are accustomed to the fact that the amulet is something sacred that we pass down from generation to generation. The things from this exhibition are everyday and may not serve as a talisman, but for some they are important and for some, they are real talismans,» – says Tetyana Prodan.

You can visit the exposition of the exhibition «Charms» until June 30 at st. Kushevycha, 1. Admission is free.

Photo by Ivan Stanislavskyi/ Tvoe Misto

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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