This Week’s Events: Cheese & Wine, Sacred Art, Fellini

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We’ve gathered the main events that will take place in Lviv this week and might interest you.

For music and opera listings, please visit our weekly Music List, updated every Tuesday. 

Cheese and wine festival

A Cheese and Wine Festival will take place on October 22-24 in Lviv, on the square in front of the Potocki Palace. Every day, its guests will be able to visit the large Cheese and Wine Fair, where products from major producers and importers, as well as regional organic products, will be featured. Ticket price: 1 day of the festival – 100 UAH, 3 days – 250 UAH. 

Importantly, the festival will be open only for visitors vaccinated against coronavirus, or those having a negative PCR test, or a rapid test result.

The program includes:

  • cheese-wine and farmers’ fairs 
  • wine school and evening movie screenings
  • large grape press and sabrazh (opening of wine bottles with a saber)
  • area for producers – Wine Expo
  • the novelty of the 2021 season – oyster battles
  • traditional cheesecake day
  • evening concert program

Exhibition «Sacrificial Love» 

Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art «Iconart» invites you to the exhibition of Ulyana Tomkevych «Sacrificial Love».

«If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.»

The exhibition will be open until October 31, 2021 at the Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art «ICONART» located at the address: Lviv, st. Virmenska 26, from 12 to 6 p.m. daily (except Monday).

Lviv TourEXPO 2021

Lviv residents are invited to participate in the Lviv International Forum of Tourism and Hospitality Industry and the international exhibition «TourEXPO»!

The forum’s being held for the 15th year in a row and is the central event for Western Ukraine in the field of tourism and hospitality. The main focus of the forum will be the discussion of current problems of tourism development and ways to solve them at the national level with the participation of leading experts of DART (State Agency of Tourism Development) of Ukraine.

The work program includes panel discussions with the participation of well-known speakers, presentations of new tourism products and modern information technologies.

The forum is taking place from October 19 to 21 at the Lviv Arena (Stryiska Street 199). 

Evening video shows accompanied by director Serhiy Kovalevych

19 October at 19:00, everyone is invited to the film «Time of Spirit», which will be shown in the theatre centre «Word and Voice» on the street Horodotska, 38

The 2016 film «Time of Spirit. Theatrical action of the voodoo community and directors Serhiy Kovalevych and Fabrice Nico in Haiti» might be engaging for actors, directors and everyone interested in personal development, who feels the need to stay alive at this time of rapid change of the world scenery, as the theatre centre states. 

You can purchase tickets on-site before the event or online.

Ballet «Tango on pointe shoes and gala concert»

Also today, 19 October at 20:00, the Opera and Ballet Theatre, named after Solomiia Krushelnytska, will host a real holiday for fans of ballet and modern dance. The play is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of a great maestro – the Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla, which is celebrated this year. 

The cost of the play starts from UAH 150 and can be purchased at the link

Concert «Harmful music»

International project «Forbidden Music» about the artist’s role in a totalitarian society. It has three concert programs: «Forbidden Music», «Illegal Music», «Harmful Music».

The concept of «Harmful music» will represent music once found inappropriate because of its uniqueness and the origin or identity of its authors. 

Where aesthetic norm-setting is seen as an excuse to downplay or deny the value of work, we find music that allows us to reflect on concepts such as quality and artistic integrity, organizers say. 

The concert will take place on October 19 in the House of Organ and Chamber Music, which is located on the street Bandery 8, at 7 p.m. 

Concert «Gothic Suite. Organ concert»

On October 20, 2021, at 7 pm, the National House of Organ and Chamber Music organist Iryna Kalynovska will perform her solo concert on the stage of the Lviv Organ Hall. The musical program of the evening will captivate listeners with the beauty of selected works.

«Gothic Suite» by Leon Boelman is one of his best organ works, which inscribed the composer’s name in the galaxy of the most famous music creators on this instrument in the XIX century. Among the huge number of his compositions – their number exceeded 150 scores – the author often appealed to his huge instrument with special tenderness. 

Film screening with a lecture by a film critic «Voice of the Month»

October 21 at 19:00, on the street Pid Dubom 7-A, you’ll have a chance to watch Federico Fellini’s latest film «Voice of the Moon» with an introductory lecture by filmmaker Stanislav Tarasenko. He will tell both about the film of the outstanding Italian director, and all creativity of Federico Fellini: its features, influence on art and thinking of other artists, beauty, receptions, etc.

The play «Cunning Fox»

On October 22, the Theatre of variety miniatures «And People, And Dolls» will host a children’s play «Cunning Fox» – a story about a hare and a cunning fox, where animals jump on stage, joke, communicate with children, palter and make weird tricks.

The play is interactive and attracts the audience to active participation. Its main idea is if you cheat and palter, you won’t have friends – the experience on which the Fox has «burned». Because of being pushy and cunning, it hurt itself, but the power of kindness and friendship is such that it can overcome any difficulties, as there is always room for understanding and forgiveness.

The performance will begin at 12.00, on the street Fredra, 6.

Lubomirski Festival 1.0

The Wladyslaw Lubomyrski Festival is an open-air musical event dedicated to the famous cultural patron who contributed to the success of Rubinstein, Szymanowski, Karlovich, Sheluto, Ruzycki and Fitelberg. Today, we know how important the help of state patronage, sponsorship or private patronage is, si via a series of open art events we want to present extraordinary figures behind outstanding artists and their works. Especially, we’ll focus on those whose merits due to their aristocratic origins have been erased from the maps of history in communist times.

The Lviv National Philharmonic named after Myroslav Skoryk will host four festival events on October 22-26. Compositions of Ukrainian and Polish artists will be performed with the participation of an international ensemble of musicians.

Detailed information about the festival is available at the link.

Natalia Polovynka’s lecture-workshop

Natalia Polovynka is a Ukrainian singer, theatre and film actress, director and teacher. She’s also a laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize and Honored Artist of Ukraine. By means of theatre and music, she creates a unique artistic territory of song manifestation as a category of life, a spiritual category. The woman is a representative of traditional singing in all its genres: ancient spiritual songs of Ukraine, traditional Ukrainian songs, chants, psalms, Ukrainian classical romance; performer of classical music and modern academic music by the composers V. Silvestrov, A. Zagaykevych, V. Poleva, B. Frolyak and others.

Natalia Polovynka will conduct an acting course at the Theater Center «Word and Voice», on the street Horodotska, 38, on October 23 at 7 p.m. 

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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