Open-air concert and the program of Independence Day celebration in Lviv

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This year on August 24, Ukraine celebrates the 30th anniversary of its Independence.

Lviv National Opera is organizing a grand open-air occasion for the residents and visitors of the city, devoted to the celebration of Ukrainian Independence. It will take place on the square in front of the Opera House on August 23, a day before the holiday.

«By the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence, on August 23, on the square in front of the Lviv Opera House, you’ll witness a large-scale musical and theatrical performance», – is stated on the institution’s Facebook page.

In particular, there will be more than 200 performers, choirs, gymnasts, a bandura choir, an orchestra, a ballet, a street theatre and a fire show.

The organizers aim to present the history of independent Ukraine through the prism of two impressive works: fragments from the cantata «Carmina Burana» by Carl Orff and the extravaganza «When the Fern Blooms» by a prominent Ukrainian composer Yevhen Stankovych.

Additionally, in between, there will be a street performance «Dreams by Kobzar» – a look at the desired independent Ukraine through the worldview of the most famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

Admission to the event is free, but the visitors must obtain special invitations at the theatre’s box office on the day of the event. The action starts at 20.30.

Program of celebrations to Ukrainian Independence (click on the hyperlinks to find locations)

Throughout the whole week before the Independence Day (August 18-24) and a week after (August 26-29), many more official celebrations will take place in Lviv at various locations:

August 18-19, 17.00-22.00

Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Lviv National Park of Culture and Recreation

«First thirty». Short movies of independence from NGO «Wiz-Art» – it’s a film festival of works 1991-2021, consisting of four special programs and two lectures about Ukrainian short movies that changed during the years of Independence.

August 19-20, 21.00 

Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music (Bandery, 8 street)

Organ video show – a visual performance of a VJ Yevhen Chornyi with organ music, played by Nadiia Velychko. 

August 19-24. 

Cultural art-centre «Suputnyk» (Povitriana street, 20), Levandivskyi park

VI International Parajanov festival on Levandivka: The Colour of Change – it’s an annual cultural and educational project devoted to a prominent Armenian and Ukrainian film director, representing the wave of «Ukrainian poetic cinema». Key events:

  • 19.08-24.08 – an exhibition of Rafael Morseleto and Roman Chukhvitskyi/ exhibition of movie posters
  • 19.08 – the opening of the sixth International Parajanov festival on Levandivka
  • 22.08 – a conversation – Institute of the strategy of culture 2021: projects for the city, cultural politics for the country
  • 24.08 – a solemn concert devoted to the celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine

August 20-22 

Potocki Palace 

X anniversary folklore festival «Etnovyr» – on August 20, a Forum of folklore initiatives will take place with the participation of the president of CIOFF Philip Bosan. The next day, August 21, it will be followed by the performance of a famous Choir of Veryovka with orchestra and dance group

August 21-22

Rynok Square (southern and western part)

Lviv Open Cup 2021 – this will be a cycling sports competition on the Rynok square

August 21, 12.00-22.00

Courtyard of the Lviv City Hall (Ratusha)

Vintage art-market «Sunday Bazaar» – the presentation of local brands, gastronomy, vintage

stuff, new masterclasses, and a party from the Night Ambassadors.

Night of August 21-22

Rynok Square, theatres and museums 

Festival «Night in Lviv» – an exclusive festival during which museums and theatres in Lviv live a nightlife and reveal their secrets. 21.08 at 19.00 – the opening of the festival on Rynok Square and a bright show from the Lviv Academic Spiritual Theater «Voskresinnia» (Resurrection). The program includes night tours of museums, theatrical and artistic performances.

August 22, 11.00-19.00

Stryiskyi park (top terrace)

Family picnics of Independence in Stryiskyi park. Event includes master classes in pottery, straw weaving, aqua make-up etc.; lectures by the youth centre «Molodvizh», Art Union «SOVA Space», Solomiya Krushelnytska Museum; a quiz on the book «Франко від А до Я» («Franko from A to Z») from Ivan Franko Museum and baking a pie for original recipe of the writer’s son Petro Franko; mobile chemical and physical laboratory from the urban space of innovative education «Lviv Open Lab»; an area of ​​physical activity – rugby, table tennis, chess; representation of the digitized cultural heritage of Lviv region with augmented reality by the SKEIRON project; food courts, presentation of cuisines of different nationalities (Azerbaijani, Georgian, Jewish, Hungarian); musical flash mob performances.

August 22, 12.00-18.00

Courtyard of the Lviv City Hall (Ratusha)

Flea market «Tlum i Kram» – a fair of the shirts with authentic ornaments, old postcards and books, vintage treasures and priceless memories.

August 22, 13.00-19.00

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv (Shevchenkivskyi Hai, Chernecha Hora, 1 street)

Solemn events, dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary Independence of Ukraine: 16.00-19.00 – Radio FM «Halychyna»: Festive concert «30 Summer of Ukraine with Faine!»; Boyko cuisine; Masterclasses of folk crafts; Concert program from children’s and youth clubs of Lviv; Reading fairy tales by Lviv storyteller Lesia Kichura;

August 22, 23.00

Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music (Bandery, 8 street)

Organ in the midnight – a unique concert by soloist organ player Svitlana Pozdnysheva, which

will begin at 23.00 and end precisely at midnight. In the mystical time when a new day is born, the most powerful musical instrument in Ukraine will sound.

August 22-24

Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Lviv National Park of Culture and Recreation (Bolharska, 4 street)

Lviv Ice Cream Festival CIRCUS 2021 – The event’s program includes a bright design market, where local brands will introduce visitors to their original products – stylish designer clothes, accessories, extraordinary decor, dishes, books, etc.

August 23, 13.00-19.00

The square on the crossroad of Konovaltsia and Yaponska streets

A celebration of the day of Yevhena Konovaltsia street, named after a famous military commander of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. There you can find master classes, drawing for children; youth quest «Along the paths of Eugene Konovalets»; a concert of the acoustic group «Lemko Bluegrass Band».

August 23, 18.00-19.30

Memorial of Heavenly Hundred

Raising the Ukrainian flag and presenting the project «Music in the open air» – the event will include a mass prayer and the concert of the brass orchestra of the Lviv National Philarmonic (35 musicians).

August 23, 14.00

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv (Shevchenkivskyi Hai, Chernecha Hora, 1 street)

A creative meeting with the folk song ensemble «Oksamyt» from the city of Zaporizhzhia – the program includes folk and original songs, folk ceremony, traditional dances.

August 24

Khotkevych Palace, square in front of the palace (Kushevycha street, 1), Pidzamche residential district

Festive program «Independence Station» in Khotkevych Palace – masterclasses, an exhibition of graphic works by Tatiana Kramarenko, an exhibition of hanging photos (foto-sushka) «History of your Independence», the opening of the renewed street gallery exposition «Independently / Exit» (Zamarstynivska, 29 street), presentation of a new tourist route through Pidzamche residential district

August 24, 9.00-13.00

Prospekt Svobody, 28, start and finish near the Opera House 

«Jogging race in vyshyvanka – 2021» – a light-athletic race devoted to the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence

August 24, 9.00 

Lychakiv cemeteryMemorial of Heavenly Hundred

«March of the unconquered» – walking march, followed by raising the national flag and a common prayer

August 24, 15.00-23.00

Lviv cinema and park «Horikhovyi Hai» (Volodymyra-Velykoho, 14a/18 street)

Independence Day in Horikhovyi Hai

  • 15.00-18.00 – performances of creative teams and sports sections. Masterclasses from creative workshops for the smallest visitors. Cossack Kulish, cooked according to the best recipes of Ukrainian cuisine, will be available for tasting!
  • 20:00-23:00 – the evening program will be complemented by a loud roof concert of the rock band «Banderstadt» (Zaporizhzhia) and a film screening of a famous tape «Dumy Moi tykhi» (My quite thoughts)

August 24, 14.00-21.00

Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music (Bandery, 8 street)

Music marathon of Independence Day.

  • 14.00 – Bach’s music. Selected organ works of the Composer performed by the soloist of the Lviv Organ Hall Olena Matseliukh. 
  • 17.00 – Tchaikovsky. Piano cycle «Seasons». 
  • 19.00 – Baroque music. You can hear the full range of emotions of the baroque organ at the concert of Svetlana Pozdnysheva.

August 24, 16.30-18.00

Square near the monument of Taras Shevchenko (city centre)

Akathist to the Blessed Virgin – an annual prayer of Lviv church communities, complemented by the Lviv national academic male choir «Dudaryk»

August 24, 18.00

Square near the Lviv Opera House

Concert by military orchestra of National Academy of Land Forces

August 24, 13.00-22.00

Square near the lake on Symonenka, 10 street

Independence celebration on Symonenka street – entertainment program for children and adolescents by the city children’s library «Multiplex»; performance of children’s dance and vocal groups; performances of the instrumental band «Progressive Time» and Marianna Ilkiv.

August 24, 18.00-22.00

Square near the National Academy of Land Forces (Stryiska street)

Grand festive concert of Independence Day – the stage will be occupied by Arkadii Voitiuk, ALYONA ALYONA, NAVKA, bands KALUSH and PATSYKY Z FRANEKA.

August 24, 18.00

Stadium «Arena Lviv», Stryiska, 199 street

SuperDisco of the 90s. Festival of Independence. 30 years – the program includes the most famous dancing hits of the 90s: Boney M (xperience), Mr.President (Lazzy Dee), East 17, Global Deejays, Snap!, Captain Jack, NaNa. Behind the console – Dj Gooch Brown and Dj Gonibez.

August 26-29

Different Locations in the city

V international festival of classical music LvivMozArt. Detailed program here.

August 28

Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music (Bandery, 8 street)

From manuscript to audio series: presentations of operas by Porfyrii Bazhanskyi – for Independence Day, Lviv Organ Hall, Collegium Musicum and Galician Music Society have prepared an innovative project that revives in Ukrainian culture a forgotten composer Porfyrii Bazhanskyi. World premieres, publication of piano works, the release of a documentary and the publication of an innovative audio series in frames of the project «Ukrainian Live. of Porfyrii Bazhanskyi». More details are at the link

August, 29

Riasne residential district, a yard of the school №92

RiasneFEST – an annual festival in the district of Riasne. The program includes masterclasses, quizzes, sports competitions and a concert.

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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