A doctor from Lviv installed Ukrainian flag 30 km from the Crimea

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To set the flag on the island of Dzharylhach, the man carried it along the coastline for three days.
Photo: Arsen Ilyin

Photo: Arsen Ilyin

An anesthesiologist of the Lviv hospital «OKHMADYT» Arsen Ilyin installed the Ukrainian flag on the island of Dzharylhach, just 30 km from the Crimea. The Lviv resident embodied this idea during his vacation. This was reported by the hospital’s press service on Facebook.

Together with his friends, the doctor decided to go to the island of Dzharylhach, which is, by the way, the largest in Ukraine and in the Black Sea. The group was heading to the destination for three days and passed the whole island – from Skadovsk to Lazurne. They traveled by boat on the water and walked on foot through the mainland.

«Dzharylhach is a desert island, no one lives there constantly, except this monk. By the way, he is from Lviv. For three days, we carried the flag along the coast. On the last day, we raised it above the monk’s dwelling. 30 km from the Crimea, it will wave every day. A flag that had been on the lighthouse earlier was destroyed, so we arrived with ours just in time», – says Arsen Ilyin.

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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