Innovation Profiles: Vasyl Dub Makes Platform for Pet-Owners

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Drogobych native, currently in the USA, wants to catalogue all the pets in the world–so the lost might be found and to make life easier for pet-owners.

By Joe Lindsley

Name: Vasyl Dub (LinkedIn)

Role: CEO and co-founder

Company/start-up: Animal ID: «One-stop solution for responsible pet owners»; Animal ID offer a digital platform to identify and register pets within a global pet database. With QR tags and an app, the platform gives users tools to return lost pets to their homes, organize travel, save pet documents, maintain health records, schedule vet visits, communicate with each other, and order pet food. The firm also works to tag homeless pets and to fight the illegal puppy trade. 

Fellow founders: Victor Kopach, Vadym Melnyk.

Education: National Technical University of Ukraine–Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (NTUU KPI).

Hometown: Drogobych (90 minutes southwest of Lviv, a city of 74,000, founded in 11th century; has oil refineries and historic buildings).

Current location: San Francisco.

Why did you get into tech?

I noticed that technologies are changing all around me just after the University. So I got my first job in an international IT company.

What’s the purpose of Animal ID?

Our goal is to digitize all pets in the world and to build the biggest global community of pet owners and brands.

What’s your biggest challenge in launching Animal ID?

Getting B2B customers in the US

Is there a good tech culture in Lviv?

The tech culture is great in Lviv. However, there aren’t many product companies.

As an innovator, what cities have you found are best suited to a good life and productive work?

Each person has different priorities. The best one I have found so far is San Francisco.

You can follow Vasyl Dub on LinkedIn and Animal ID on Instagram

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