«There is no pro-Russian East or South.» The story of a publicist who joined the army

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The army highly values ​​a sharp mind, initiative, ability to quickly analyze and make decisions.
Photo provided by dmitry krapivenko

Photo provided by dmitry krapivenko

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In civilian life, Dmytro Krapyvenko is a journalist, publicist, teacher, media manager, and media consultant. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, he has served in the guard company – guarding certain facilities in Kyiv, has guards and battlefields. Lviv Now talked to him about the army and his current life in the capital. 

The man grew up in an officer’s family and has many members of military personnel among his school friends. Since 2014, he has been volunteering, in particular, touring Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 

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«All my life, I was somewhere near the army. Now, finally, I’m inside. The army does not like long discussions and those who strongly pull the blanket on themselves, who seek to be the centre of attention. The army is fewer words and more clear actions,» – Dmytro Krapivenko says about his service. 

There are jokes about the military as people limited and primitive. Dmytro Krapivenko considers this an exaggeration. The army highly values ​​sharp mind, initiative, ability to quickly analyze and make decisions. Among the military, men do not feel like a white crow. He says about himself: «I’m not a delicate noble and I also know how to swear, because my youth fell on the 90s.» In the unit, where mostly Kyivans serve, he has someone to talk to about high matters and laugh at soldiers’ lives. 

The journalist stayed in Kyiv because he is fit for military service and considers it a disgrace to flee. He explains: «Now, I am where I need to be. I am not valuable property, not the country’s gold reserves to evacuate me.» 

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At the service of a man, it is difficult to get used to physical activity and short sleep. He is no longer a young man – soon 43 years old – and isn’t used to being in custody for several hours and carrying sandbags. But he does everything necessary. Instead, he found a fighting brotherhood in the army, which is lacking in civilian life. Although, according to him, there are no people in the immediate vicinity who have sided with the war.

Since 2014, the circle of communication has changed a lot – and people who have lived outside the war for the last eight years have become uninteresting. «They are naive, like children, imprisoned for their own pleasure, and do not understand what is important,» – he says.

Dmytro Krapyvenko is confident that Ukraine will win through unity. These are not just beautiful words from a patriotic poster – they are written in blood. Everyone rose to fight the enemy: the grandmother, who brings to the checkpoint food bought for a meagre pension, volunteers, doctors, rescuers, politicians, businessmen, and, of course, the military. All united to defend the Motherland. 

«There is no pro-Russian East and South. This myth has been shattered. Do you see how desperately Kharkiv and Mariupol are fighting? And how strongly the temporarily occupied Kherson resists? I think that all those who have so far criticized the «easterners» for their lack of patriotism are now feeling a burning shame,» – the man added. 

Nadiya Zhyla spoke

Translated by Vitalii Holich

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