Lviv’s Expat and English-Speaking Events–22-27 December: Christmas parties and a Thursday meet-up

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Here’s the upcoming schedule for expats and travellers in Lviv, at the café Te Amo and at the bar Beer Culture, both of which have become hubs for English-speaking people.
Secret Santa, Christmas Eve, at Te Amo Lviv café

Secret Santa, Christmas Eve, at Te Amo Lviv café

By Joe Lindsley

Two hubs for English-speakers in Lviv:

The Te Amo Café has become a popular gathering spot for expats as well as English-speaking Ukrainians. It’s also a place where you’ll hear Spanish, French, and other languages. Here’s the list of upcoming events at the coffeehouse that serves sandwiches, pastries, coffee, tea, wine, and more. You can visit the café (location) without participating in the formal events, as well. 

You can read the story of the café here. And here you can read a column written by a different Te Amo regular each week. You can learn more via Ti Amo’s Facebook page.

Beer Culture is a Canadian-Ukrainian pub serving local craft beer. Learn more on their Facebook page, and you can find their location here

Covid: You can find here the current Covid restrictions for Lviv, now extended until 13 December. 

Other Events Around the City: You can find out about live music events all around Lviv via our Weekly Music List here


Wednesday 22 December

19:30 English-Speaking Club at Te Amo

Thursday 23 December:

19:00 Lviv Thursday Meeting for Expats, Travellers, and Locals at Beer Culture (please RSVP on Facebook)

19:30 Italian-Speaking Club at Te Amo

Friday 24 December Christmas Eve

19:30 Secret Santa at Te Amo

Saturday 25 December Christmas Day

12:00-14:00 Aroma Tea Party at Te Amo

15:00 Christmas Charity Event at Te Amo

18:00 Music Night at Te Amo

By Joe Lindsley (follow on Instagram or LinkedIn)

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