Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Operative info. Updated

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Lviv Now will report and update all information about the Russian offensive and invasion of Ukraine.

How does the offensive continue?

Russian military equipment, including armored vehicles, violated the state border in four oblasts: Chernihiv, Sumy, Luhansk, and Kharkiv. The offensive of Russian troops across the state border is preceded by artillery fire, then moving military equipment.

Fighting is taking place in the cities of Henichesk, Skadovsk, and Chaplynka. In Uman, Cherkasy region, a Russian artillery shell hit the city centre, killing one civilian and wounding five. The enemy was stopped in the Chernihiv direction,, the fightings are also going on in the suburbs of Sumy.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured the city of Shchastia («Happiness») in the Luhansk region, which was attacked by Russia, according to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. «M. Shchastya (Luhansk region), which was attacked by the Russian aggressor, was recaptured. Attempting to attack, the equipment was destroyed and about 50 enemies were killed. Shchastya («Happiness») is in our hands!»

Also, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 4 Russian tanks on the bypass road near Kharkiv, as well as seven military planes. 2 more tanks and an APC, one Russian helicopter destroyed over Vyshhorod. 5 Russian APCs and a car was destroyed in the Ukrainian-Belarusian border near Vystupovychi.

When the offensive began

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an emergency address to the Russians at 4 a.m. and announced the launch of a «special military operation.» He said this in a broadcast hosted by Russia 24. Putin says he made this decision after he was approached by the leaders of the self-proclaimed «republics» in Donbas.

«I have decided to conduct a special military operation. Its goal is to protect people who have been subjected to harassment and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years, and to this end, we will seek the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, as well as the transfer of the court of those who committed numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including Russian citizens.» – he said.

Today, February 24, at 5:00 am, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation began intense shelling of our units in the east, fired missiles at airfields in Boryspil, Ozerne, Kulbakin, Chuhuiv, Kramatorsk, Chornobayivka, and military facilities of Ukraine.

At the same time, the aggressor began artillery shelling of the territory and settlements of Ukraine along the state border and on the border with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The defence forces repel the enemy’s attempts to break through the border. Russian troops are suffering losses. In the area of ​​environmental protection, 5 planes of the Russian Air Force and 2 helicopters were shot down, 2 tanks were shot down, and several trucks of the Russian Armed Forces were destroyed.

Martial law has been imposed in Ukraine

Martial law is imposed on the whole territory of Ukraine. This was announced by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an address to Ukrainians. 

The sky over Ukraine was closed. In particular, due to the closure of Ukraine’s airspace, all flights to/from Lviv airport were cancelled. 

Martial law is a special legal regime that is imposed throughout the country or in some parts of the country in the event of armed aggression or threat of attack, the threat to state independence of Ukraine, its territorial integrity. It provides for the granting of the relevant state and military authorities the powers necessary to avert the threat, as well as the temporary restriction of the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen. Read more here.

What about Lviv?

This morning at about 7.30 the SES of Ukraine received an «Air Alarm» signal. At the signal, the alarm system in Lviv and the region was turned on. The «Attention to all» signal was transmitted through loudspeakers and all available means of notification. 

Citizens are urged to remain calm, stay at home whenever possible and follow government reports.

You can find a map of shelters in Lviv here and the addresses of churches that are ready to provide their basements for sheltering the citizens.

Due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, this morning, February 24, students of Lviv educational institutions were transferred to distance learning.

Enemy troops fired on three military units in the Lviv region – in Brody, Novyi Kalyniv, in the Sambir region and in the town of Kamyanka Buzka.

«Three objects in the Lviv region were attacked. These are the military unit in Brody, the military unit in Novyi Kalyniv and Kamyanka Buzka,» – said Dmytro Posypanko, head of the regional department of communications and domestic policy.

Lviv residents are warned about the possible appearance of saboteurs on the streets. Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi said that people in camouflage uniforms with red ribbons could be saboteurs. He received a message from the anti-terrorist headquarters. If suspicious behaviour is detected on the streets, report it immediately to police (102). Residents are urged to be vigilant and careful.

Lviv airport was not attacked

The territory of Lviv Airport named after Danylo Halytskyi is under heavy guard to prevent enemy planes from landing. This was announced today, February 24, during a briefing by Lviv regional state administration Chairman Maksym Kozytskyi.

«Lviv airport has not yet been attacked. It is heavily guarded to prevent the enemy from landing its own aircraft,» – said Maksym Kozytskyi.

Also, according to him, people should remain calm and not panic. Those who live near military facilities should be especially vigilant and attentive. People living in such areas are urged to check nearby shelters and always stay with children.

«Do not panic, do not create queues in shops and gas stations, pass emergency services at gas stations. The connection is there, but may be overloaded. The emergency services and medicine are fully mobilized, they have stocks of medicines and bandages,» – said the head of LODA.

The information is updated

Translated by Vitalii Holich

You can read a Ukrainian language version of this story here.

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