Daily Music Meme: Carpathians and mixed cultures make for great music

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Thursday 22 July 2020

What qualities make a city into a creative place?

Rost Tatomyr, of the Lemko Bluegrass Band, explained to Lviv Now why Lviv is a good place to make music:

«Lviv is just a perfect place to make music because of its location, close to the EU border, close to Carpathian mountains, and because of its general multicultural specific. Mostly as a folk musician I really am found of all these different cultural influences and using both traditional and modern music we try to find out our own original sound.»

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Joe Lindsley

Here is the front page of our special Leopolis Jazz Fest print newspaper. You can read the cover story here, and, if you are in Lviv, you can message us via Facebook if you would like a copy.

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