Daily Music Meme: Lviv, «a breeding ground for artistic explosion»

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Tuesday 20 July 2020

«True art will take over the city very soon, something extraordinary and fresh,» Dnipro-born trumpeter Yakiv Tsvietinskyi, told Lviv Now earlier this year. He’s now Basel, Switzerland, as one of nine global musicians participating in the esteemed Focusyear jazz program, but returns to Lviv when he can. 

Especially since Jazz Fest, when the world’s greats came to Lviv, a special musical momentum seems to be building, with great international players jamming with the local musicians, often at the city’s LV Café, even nearly a month after the Fest ended. 

To capture this moment, Lviv Now will share the insights of local and visiting musicians, about why music matters, and about what’s happening in Lviv now. 

Eric Wortham, as we reported here, came to Lviv for the Leopolis Jazz Fest, as the music director for Seal. A former pianist for Jill Scott, Adele, and other leading musicians, he told Lviv Now that he sees something special here and he has stuck around and continued to play shows with local artists at LV Café and Mad:

«There’s an energy of family and community,» Wortham tells me, «There was no jealousy, but a lot of support and camaraderie, which is the breeding ground for any type of artistic explosion. A great deal of selflessness.» – Joe Lindsley. 

Here is the front page of our special Leopolis Jazz Fest print newspaper. You can read the cover story here, and, if you are in Lviv, you can message us via Facebook if you would like a copy. 


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